Tanja Friedrichs Schmuck
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Pivot   Pivot

Tension and light. The endless loop of wound rings is held solely by the tension created by the material’s deformation. Thus, the dynamic rings not only echo their manufacturing process, but the rhythmic reflections of the surface also generate the sensation of flowing light.


Skju 3r

Skju 3R

Interplay of tension and light.
SKJU rings from the PIVOT collection. 750 yellow or palladium white gold.

Skju Vintage

Skju Vintage

The manufacturing process results in appealing aesthetics.
SKJU ring and earrings from the PIVOT collection. 925 silver, vintage matt.

Pivot Fein

Pivot fein

Light flowing through rhythmic reflections.
750 yellow gold.

Pivot White


Self confident white.
Rings, bangles and earrings. 925 silver.

Pivot Black

Pivot black

Blazing black.
Rings, bangles and earrings. 925 silver.

Pivot Men

Pivot Black

The number of turns determine the width of the ring.
925 silver, polished and vintage matt.